Fundamental Research

Garzia lab


The Garzia Lab investigates genetic and non-genetic mechanisms of therapy resistance and metastasis in bone sarcomas, with a focus on pediatric Osteosarcoma and Ewing Sarcomas. The lab deploys high-throughput functional genomics approaches such as transposon mediated mutagenesis and CRISPR based approaches in cellular systems and in model organisms. Our research will provide novel targets to exploit in precision medicine approaches to improve the outcome of sarcoma patients.


Areas of research:
• Genetic and epigenetic drivers of osteosarcoma relapse and metastasis
• Mechanisms of transformation and progression in CIC-Dux4 sarcomas
• Role of extracellular vesicles in sarcoma metastasis
• Intra-tumoral genetic heterogeneity of relapsing bone sarcomas at a single cell level

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Przybyl Lab


The laboratory of Dr. Joanna Przybyl employs multi-omic high-throughput experimental methods and bioinformatic tools to discover new therapeutic targets and new markers for diagnosis and classification of soft tissue sarcoma. The goal of our research is to develop clinically applicable assays and investigate new therapeutic approaches that will improve care for patients with soft tissue tumors.


Areas of research:
• Liquid biopsy (circulating tumor DNA) assays for diagnosis and evaluation of response to treatment
• Metabolic reprogramming in sarcoma
• Multi-omic profiling of soft tissue tumors

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